Big Show Talks About His Role In WWE Studios’ Vendetta

Big Show recently spoke with to promote his new WWE Studios film, Vendetta, which is now on sale. Here are some highlights of what he said:

The Aggression He Showed In The Movie:

“Yeah, that was the Soska Twins, Jen and Sylvia. If you know anything about those girls, they’re really go-getters and are positive on what they want from a character. Which is really cool to work with because they were meticulous about how they wanted the character to be and how dark they wanted it. It was a lot of fun working with them. A lot of times I would leave the set at the end of the day and go, “Wow, that was really, really violent. Holy smokes.” And when I saw it, I was really happy with how it turned out. It’s not a likable character unless you’re into bad guys. If you’re into bad guys, then you’re probably going to like my character in this one. He’s definitely a jerk, first class.”

People Expecting A Gentle Giant, Based On His Previous Movie Roles:

“There’s none of that. There’s nothing redeemable or likable about anything my character does in this movie. My character’s very dark. And if you look at the movie, you have Dean Cain, who’s America’s golden boy that played Superman and is a good guy in real life and he had to do some really dark things to go after me. He had to become a monster to get to the monster. And it was really great to see the arc of his character, too.”

His Favorite Moment In The Movie:

“I think one of my favorite moments of the movie was when I welcomed Dean Cain to jail. That very first interaction between him and I at the lunch table. There was so much animal language going on there, alpha male back and forth kind of deal, the stuff with his tray, letting him know who’s prison it is and what’s going to happen to him and just the looks he was giving back to me, I kept thinking he was going to stab me with his spork. That was one of my favorite moments.”