Big Show & The Miz Respond To John Oliver’s WWE Segment

Big Show and The Miz have given their reactions to the segment done by John Oliver on Last Week Tonight on HBO that got a ton of attention from fans and those in the wrestling business. In this segment, Oliver gave a critique of WWE and how they treat their talent.

First up is The Miz, who recently spoke with Sports Illustrated, to promote his match with Shane McMahon at this Sunday’s WrestleMania 35 pay-per-view.

“Who doesn’t take shots at WWE, especially when WrestleMania is around? All the news is about that,” said The Miz. “The way I look at what he said, and I don’t know all of it verbatim… I’ve been there for 13+ years. I met my wife in WWE, and we now have a child together, and trust me, I live a pretty incredible life. It’s not every day where you get to go out in front of 80,000 people and either have them boo or cheer you, but be interactive. We get to create moments that last a lifetime. And the way I’m treated, I’ve got to perform in movies with WWE Studios, I have my own reality show ‘Miz & Mrs.’ on the USA Network, which you can see every Tuesday. I’ve been so fortunate of everything that WWE has given to me.”

Miz continued by bringing up how there are people going to be disgruntled and upset as they’re people who think that they are owed something. He added that he feels like he got everything he wanted from WWE, and more.

Switching gears, The Big Show spoke with TMZ Sports while at the airport to travel for WrestleMania 35 weekend where he gave his reaction. He started out by stating that everybody is entitled to their own opinion and has their own experiences on how they feel.

Show has had a long and successful career in the pro wrestling business, which is something the touched on. He brought up having a lot of injuries and knowing from day one stepping through the ropes that it was not an easy job. Show stated that it was a job that was gonna put himself at risk while taking the paychecks and fortune.

“That’s just part of the industry, and the industry has changed. It’s done everything it can to protect the athlete and create longevity for the athlete. I’m 47, I’m still rocking and rolling. So they’re doing something right.”