Billy Corgan Says He’s Blown Away By Fans’ Feedback To NWA Powerrr

Billy Corgan NWA
Billy Corgan NWA

National Wrestling Alliance’s President Billy Corgan recently discussed the company’s new wrestling show NWA Powerrr, and revealed that he was overwhelmed by the unexpected support from fans for the show.

Speaking to PWInsider, Corgan said that the show is doing “20 times further along” than what the company expected. Corgan attributed this success to the new alternative wrestling scene.

“We’ve just been blown away,” Corgan said. “We certainly thought we would do fine, but the numbers and the feedback from the fans has just been overwhelming. I mean, we’re 20 times further along than we thought we’d be at this point. So, it showed that the last couple of years investing and working with different companies and building relationships in the business have really paid of. Word of mouth got around, and certainly, to AW’s credit and of course many others, New Japan. What’s called this alternate universe, this non-WWE universe professional wrestling is kind of kicking into another gear. We’re able to ride that wave at the same time as well.”

Corgan also talked about the creative freedom that the company gives their talent. Corgan revealed that NWA gives full freedom to the wrestlers, they just tell them what they’re trying to accomplish, then set the wrestlers free to do whatever they can do to get the story across.

“Sure. Okay. So, let’s just pretend we’re talking about an imaginary wrestler. I would pull that wrestler aside, and say ‘Here’s what we’re trying to accomplish. Here’s where we’re going. Here’s the in and here’s the out. You’re on your own.’ And literally, we’re not even giving people time to use … We’re letting them run free. Absolutely. The only sort of stopgap measure is, we tell Galli or Marquez, ‘If you think it’s going long, you pull the plug on the fly.’ But that’s it. So, if an Eli Drake or an Aaron Stevens or a Nick Aldis is on fire, they can run as long as they want to go. There’s limits on our talent. Literally, the only thing we’ve said is let’s try not to curse, because we don’t think that’s necessary for what we’re trying to get across. But beyond that, talent has literal freedom as long as they’re within the lanes of the angle.”

NWA Powerrr debuted its first episode on October 8 on the company’s official YouTube and Facebook. The company said they wanted the show to be freely available for everyone to watch around the world without any restrictions or paywalls. The show airs every Tuesday on the company’s online platforms.

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