Billy Graham Tells Kofi Kingston To Take Steroids

WWE Hall Of Famer "Superstar" Billy Graham tells newly-crowned WWE Champion Kofi Kingston to take steroids.

Kofi Kingston
Kofi Kingston wins the WWE Championship (Photo: @WWE IG)

The WWE Universe was completely behind Kofi Kingston all the way through his WWE Championship win at WrestleMania this past weekend (Sun. April 7, 2019). Kingston toppled Daniel Bryan to win his first major World Championship in WWE after 11 years with the company. Now, we get to see how Kingston’s first reign as WWE Champion plays out on tonight’s episode of SmackDown Live.

While many fans were behind Kingston during his Road To WrestleMania, he did have a few haters. One of them being WWE Hall Of Famer “Superstar” Billy Graham. Graham voiced his displeasure with Kingston being booked in the main event of WrestleMania a little over a week ago. The Hall Of Famer takes issue with the booking due to Kingston’s size.

However, now that the title victory is official and in the books, Graham took to his official Facebook page to offer his thoughts. Graham actually adviced Kingston to take steroids to add 50 pounds of muscle to his frame. He also suggested that Vince McMahon would be happy with such a move.

Here’s what he had to say:

Graham’s Advice

“Kofi Kingston…. My Advice I am sure Vince will sit Kofi down and say, ” Now Kofi, you listen to every word the Superstar has to say about your run as the first African born WWE World Heavyweight Champion.” Congratulations to Kofi for winning the most important Title in pro wrestling history….sorry you NWA guys….

“Notice the word ” Heavyweight ” in his Title…so my man, I urge you to start doing some steroids and add about 50 pounds of solid muscle to your championship body. Vince wont care, honestly. Actually he would be quite pleased with the muscular transformation, as I predict that you young man will have the longest run as WWE champ in modern-day history.

“Then in just a short time while you are red hot and the fans are celebrating your win, your 2 former partners in crime, E and Woods get jealous and turn on you. In my day there would be some blood in that double cross on you but God forbid….not now. You then have Daniel Bryan for rematches and your two former partners as opponents.

“The final suggestion, is to get all of my promo material together that you can find in the WWE’s vast library and study my promos. You must be an entertainer as well as a wrestler my man and best of luck with your run !!! S.B.G.”

What do you make of Graham telling Kingston to take steroids?