Billy Gunn Downplays AEW’s Plans To Compete With WWE

With the launch of AEW (All Elite Wrestling), the hope from fans is that they can be real competition to the WWE. The reason for this is due to them having big money baking them and having some big name talent under contract.

Billy Gunn, who will serve as a producer for AEW, told Chris Van Vliet when asked if AEW’s plan is to compete with WWE that they won’t be competing against them. He would elaborate on his belief by stating that a promotion already when after the WWE before and that was WCW.

They went out of business after taking the fight to Vince McMahon. However, he does think that they are as good as WWE but doesn’t think they will compete against them.

“Why can’t we have our own product and they have their product? You know what I mean? So do they intercollide at some point? I have no earthly idea. It’s way too early to tell.”

Gunn would continue by stating that they can be an alternative to WWE, have the same fan base and as good of a product.

He would add, “Do I say we compete and that we’re all sitting around going ‘I can’t wait to go live against them’? We don’t sit around and do that because I feel like you’re setting your sights on something away from what you should be focusing on. Let’s focus on our company.”