Billy Gunn On His Response To First WWE Contract Offer From Vince McMahon

Billy Gunn reveals interesting response to first contract offer from WWE

Billy Gunn
Billy Gunn

Tony Schiavone and Aubrey Edwards recently welcomed Billy Gunn on the AEW Unrestricted podcast where they talked about the DX member’s wrestling career in detail.

Gunn was trained by Jerry Grey and he started his wrestling career in 1985. He wrestled in the independent circuit for almost 8 years before being offered a WWE contract in 1993.

However, despite the time he had spent in the business, the former Champion did not know much about the wrestling world and during the podcast; Billy Gunn revealed his interesting response to Vince McMahon when the Boss first offered him a contract:

“Being as green as we were, we went literally from the ring they said, ‘hey, Vince would like to talk to you.’ We went to Vince’s office. He goes, ‘we’d like to send you a contract. Look it over. See what you think.'”

“So I looked at Vince and go well I have a job. Can I do this on the weekends? “recalled Billy Gunn.”And I’m not kidding you he did his little Vince laugh and looked at me and he goes, ‘I think you’ll be alright.'”

The former WWE star continued by recalling how he didn’t know how things worked in the business. He didn’t know that the wrestlers worked all the time and they can make actual money if they were good.

Apart from this, Billy Gunn talked about his first match in WWE, his tag team with Bart Gunn where they were dubbed as The Smoking Gunns and more.

Quotes via WrestlingInc