Bobby Lashley On “Needing’ To Fight Brock Lesnar, CM Punk In UFC (Video)

Bobby Lashley

Impact Wrestling and Bellator MMA star Bobby Lashley was recently interviewed by the Fight Network as part of their Retrospective series. The full episode premieres next Wednesday, October 25th at 8pm (Eastern) on the Fight Network.

In a teaser clip promoting the show, Lashley speaks in-depth about CM Punk in the UFC and his desire to fight Brock Lesnar, whether it’s a pro wrestling match or an MMA fight.

Regarding Punk in the UFC, Lashley gives him a lot of credit for stepping in the cage with so little experience. He says it doesn’t matter that Punk got destroyed in his UFC debut, because it took guts to follow through with a fight and he got paid.

“I’ll fight CM Punk,” Lashley said while laughing. “Is Punk getting another fight? I hope he is. I love Punk. Shit. You got into UFC with nothing, bro, you got some balls. At least I have something to go back on. If somebody hits me too hard, I’m taking you to the ground and I’m going to molest you. He had nothing to fall back on and he just did it. I don’t care.”

As for the people saying Punk’s UFC career has been a failure up to this point, Lashley disagrees. “CM Punk, some people would say he failed, but one, he had balls enough to get in the ring. Two, he got a big paycheck, so I look at that as win-win. Do it again, get another half a million dollars. Now you’ve got a million dollars, it’s worth it.

Looking at the tremendous box office success of the recent Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather fight, Lashley sees this as an example of two big promotions dropping their egos to give the people what they wanted and make money.

Lashley said he “needs” to fight Brock Lesnar and the fans want it too. He’ll post a photo on social media with his children and 20 people will reply, “You need to fight Brock!”

“Of the matchups that I think I need, I think that would be a good matchup,” said Lashley. “Because right now, Brock really doesn’t have anybody to wrestle. They’re just throwing people in there. ‘Well, Brock takes time off.’ Because if he stayed on there full time, What are they going to do, just squash everybody on the roster? You guys don’t have anybody to really challenge him. So, you need somebody legitimate and credible to go against Brock to make it make sense.”

Bobby Lashley thinks he’s the right guy for the job. Both he and Brock Lesnar are the most dangerous legitimate athletes in their respective promotions and the time is right for them to see who is the toughest.

“I think I’m the only person. On my side, it’s the same way. I have a lot of guys that are in Impact right now, but really, if we rang the bell and just said ‘fight,’ there would be some murders going on. And that’s the same way with Brock. Either cross promote and make it happen or we gotta do something. I don’t care if it’s a fight, I don’t care if it’s a pro wrestling match, I think it needs to happen.”

You can watch Lashley’s colorful remarks about CM Punk and Brock Lesnar here: