Bobby Lashley WWE Update, Brock Lesnar’s Post-WrestleMania Feud

Bobby Lashley

Earlier this week, Impact Wrestling executive Ed Norholm confirmed to Newsweek that Bobby Lashley is no longer with the company. Nordholm admitted that he wanted to retain Lashley, but put him over as a great talent and wished him the best in his next step.

That next step is becoming more clear. According to the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Lashley is expected to appear on WWE programming “any time now.” Upon leaving Impact Wrestling, Lashley negotiated with both WWE and New Japan Pro Wrestling before settling on WWE.

Going back to late 2016, Bobby Lashley has been talking about wanting to work with Brock Lesnar. According to Dave Meltzer, Lashley might finally get his wish after WrestleMania.

“The belief is that he will work with Lesnar after WrestleMania, although those close to the situation say the working with Lesnar is not 100 percent.”

– Wrestling Observer Newsletter

During an interview with the Fight Network that aired back in October, Lashley spoke passionately about his desire to work with Lesnar – whether in the ring or in a pro MMA fight. “Of the matchups that I think I need, I think that would be a good matchup,” said Lashley. “Because right now, Brock really doesn’t have anybody to wrestle. They’re just throwing people in there.”

Lashley took issue with people who complain about Lesnar’s part-time schedule. “Because if he stayed on there full time, What are they going to do, just squash everybody on the roster? You guys don’t have anybody to really challenge him. So, you need somebody legitimate and credible to go against Brock to make it make sense.”

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