Bobby Roode Shares His Wrestlemania 35 Dream Match

Bobby Roode
Bobby Roode

In a recent interview with Sky Sports, one-half of the current Raw tag team champions, Bobby Roode, disclosed what his Wrestlemania 35 dream match would be.

For the “Glorious” One, he would love to face off against the team of The Revival (Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson).

“I would love to have that opportunity to walk down that aisle at WrestleMania in a match for the Raw tag team championships,” he admitted.

“In recent weeks we’ve had some really good matches against The Revival. I’d hate to give them another reason to make them think they’re better than they are, but they are a tremendous tag team. With the chemistry that we have together, with the right circumstances at WrestleMania I think we could blow the doors off that place.”

But it doesn’t stop there. If Roode got his way, he and his partner, Chad Gable, would be able to wrestle this match under a specific stipulation — though he’s undecided as to which he would prefer.

“A two-out-of-three falls match or a tag team, iron man match,” he said. “That would be amazing.”

With Wrestlemania 35 taking place on April 7th, WWE still has time to be able to build a feud between the two teams that could see them settle things in a final confrontation on “grandest stage of them all.”

Is this a feud you’d like to see? Out of the two Roode mentioned, what would you prefer to see — two out of three falls, or an iron man tag team match?