Bobby Roode Wins United States Championship On WWE SmackDown (Videos)

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Jinder Mahal faced Xavier Woods in the semi-finals of the United States Championship tournament tonight on SmackDown. Mahal controlled the entire match and won via pinfall after planting Woods with the Khallas.

Later on SmackDown, Bobby Roode faced Mojo Rawley in the semi-finals. Roode escaped with the victory but took a beating from Mojo Rawley during the match. After the match, The Singh Brothers sprinted to the ring and attacked Roode from behind. Jinder Mahal came down to the entrance ramp and vowed to win the United States Championship next week on SmackDown.

Bobby Roode didn’t feel like waiting until next week and challenged Mahal to the match tonight. Jinder didn’t want any part of it and stated that he wanted to have the match next week. SmackDown GM Daniel Bryan joined the party and announced that the finals of the United States Championship tournament would indeed happen tonight in the main event of SmackDown.

Bobby Roode squared off against Jinder Mahal in main event of SmackDown. Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan were ringside for the match. They also barred the Singh Brothers from being ringside for the championship bout.

The winner of the match would win the United States Championship tournament and capture the vacated title. Roode was still in pain due to his match against Mojo Rawley earlier in the evening and wasn’t anywhere near 100% during the match.

Mahal used this to his advantage and targeted Roode’s ribs throughout the match. Roode battled through the pain and wound up countering the Khallas into the Glorious DDT for the pinfall victory to become the new United States Champion.