Booker T Addresses Mark Henry’s List Of Top Ten African-American Wrestlers

Booker T has addressed Mark Henry's recent list of top ten African-American wrestlers, before providing his own list.

Booker T. Photo Credit:
Booker T. Photo Credit:

Wrestling can be a subjective form of entertainment. What some love, others might not enjoy; who some revere, others consider overrated.

Recently, WWE Hall of Famer, Mark Henry, revealed his personal list of top ten African-American wrestlers.

It was a list featuring luminary names such as Ernie Ladd, Ron Simmons, and Booker T. His list was topped by The Rock.

Turns out that Booker T had some issues with Henry’s list. He addressed Henry’s choices on an episode of his Hall of Fame podcast.

“Mark Henry is like 78 years old,” Booker joked. “Mark Henry is like a wrestling historian. Carlos Colon is not even black, he is a man of color, [Puerto Rican], but I don’t think he is black. Ernie Ladd, Ron Simmons, Bobo Brazil, JYD [Junkyard Dog], those are made men.”

You Just Made The List

Booker then went on to provide his own list.

“I feel like I’m on the list,” Booker admitted. “I have done a lot, I have been around. For me, number one is Bobo Brazil. He put the African-American wrestler on the map, it was like we had arrived. Bobo Brazil was a made man for many years and paved the way for wrestlers such as myself.”

He continued, “Number two is Ernie Ladd. Number three would be Ron Simmons. I will go with those three. Following those three, The Rock, me, JYD, Mark Henry is on that list. Mr. Hughes, Bad New Brown, that list could go on,” he admitted. “But those top three, Bobo, Ladd, Simmons. You have so many Black, African-American wrestlers that have paved the way.”

Booker T placed seventh on Mark Henry’s list—a position Booker felt was too low.

“Nah, I’m top 5 anywhere in the world,” Booker said. “As far as the business goes, I try not to toot my own horn, but I was good.”

H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.