Booker T Believes The Rock Is “The Best Promo Guy” Ever

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T has named Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as the "best promo guy that ever did it."

Booker T. Photo Credit:
Booker T. Photo Credit:

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T has named Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as the “best promo guy that ever did it.” He made the declaration during a recent episode of his podcast, The Hall of Fame

“There have been so many great promos,” Booker explained. “The Rock was the best promo guy that ever did it because he really knew how to capture the moment and when I say to capture the moment I mean he talked about the local area where we were, the stadium, where he went to eat, he took you on a story. When you do it like that you’re just standing in awe, man.”

He claimed that there will never be another Superstar on the same level as Johnson, pointing at his ability to improvise on the fly based on the audience reaction. Booker T also credited WWE writer Brian Gewirtz for helping Rock and himself in bringing their characters to life. He stressed that without Gewirtz, King Booker would never have worked.

Booker T explained how he often wasn’t comfortable with what he was expected to deliver, believing it would sound “stupid.” With Gewirtz coaching and help, however, he was able to embrace his character and deliver his lines with a little ad-libbing added in. He believes this guidance helped Johnson elevate his promo work as well.

H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.