Booker T Calls Carmella “Female Miz” Of Women’s Division

Carmella WWE

Booker T thinks that Carmella is the “female Miz” of the women’s division.

On last night’s episode of WWE Backstage, the WWE Hall of Famer praised Carmella while discussing the upcoming SmackDown Live Women’s title match between her and Bayley.

Booker T first talked about Bayley and said that while she’s great she is still trying to find herself and going through a transformation.

Coming to Carmella, Booker T said, “…I look at Carmella and what I see is consistency. What I see in Carmella is– she’s the “female Miz” of the women’s division. She’s like a timeless watch man, she takes a lickin’, she keeps on ticking.”

A fan posted a clip of the above segment from the show and tagged Carmella. Carmella seems really happy with Booker’s comments and retweeted the video, saying that Booker T is stating facts.

You can check out the tweet by Carmella below:

Carmella joined WWE in 2013 when she signed a contract with the company and was assigned to NXT in Orlando, Florida. In October of 2014, she began a stint on the brand with Enzo Amore and Big Cass.

In July 2016, she made her main roster debut on SmackDown. A year later, she went on to become the winner of the first-ever women’s Money in the Bank ladder match and subsequently became the first woman to cash in her MITB briefcase in April of 2018. She cashed it against Charlotte Flair and won the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship.

She is also the winner of WrestleMania 35’s Women’s Battle Royal and has most recently won the WWE 24/7 Championship twice.