Booker T Discusses The Corey Graves/Mauro Ranallo Situation

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T has discussed the situation between SmackDown announcer Corey Graves and NXT commentator Mauro Ranallo.

Mauro Ranallo Corey Graves
Mauro Ranallo and Corey Graves

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T has shared his thoughts on the recent situation following Corey Graves comments aimed at Mauro Ranallo during NXT TakeOver: WarGames.

Speaking on his show, Reality of Wrestling, Booker T explained how people can’t just share unfiltered opinions and expect them to be immediately forgiven or forgotten.

“You can’t be just saying anything in 2019 and expect for it to be swept under the rug,” he said. “I really don’t know what happened. I know Corey Graves put out an apology to Mauro. I don’t know what really sparked it or what is really going on behind the scenes.”

Booker T then paid respect to Ranallo. He noted how hard he works to do the best he can as an NXT commentator and WWE employee. He shared how he always hatted getting ribbed in the past, often calling people out for fights if he found out he was responsible.

“Big ups to everything you do because I know how hard you work. The angle thing, back in the day, I hated getting ribbed. If they ribbed me, no one would tell me whoever did it. I would always say, ‘You can rib me if you want, but if I find out who did it, you’re gonna be in a fight. Just letting you know.’ Don’t play with me like that, because I’m not to be played with. Shoutout to Mauro, get yourself together, get back on the horse. Get your ass back to work, bro.”

In case you missed it, Graves made some disparaging comments about Ranallo’s vocal contribution to TakeOver. He suggested that Ranallo was talking all over his teammates Beth Phoenix and Nigel McGuiness. Ranallo would delete his Twitter following Graves’ remarks.

H/T to Wrestlezone for the transcription.