Booker T On If AEW Is Going To Be Competition For WWE

Booker T reveals his thought on AEW being a possible competition to WWE

Booker T
Image Credit: WWE

Ever since the official announcement of the company, the internet has been buzzing about AEW and people have been discussing whether or not it’s going to be a competition for WWE.

During the recent episode of his Hall Of Fame podcast, former World Champion and Wrestling Legend Booker T talked about a number of things and he also revealed his thoughts on the matter.

Booker said that it’s definitely going to be a competition and it is definitely going to make one thing totally different when it comes to the way you put a show on.

Explaining his comments, Booker talked about how WWE has hired writers from different genres and backgrounds and claimed that there are no greater minds to put together storylines than the wrestlers who actually did it.

Continuing on the topic, The WWE Hall Of Famer gave the example of Paul Heyman saying that you can’t go outside and find someone from the soap opera life like Heyman, doesn’t matter if they have been great at writing General Hospital for the last 30 years.

Apart from this, Booker T also recalled an incident where a producer was trying to tell him how to talk, reports of WWE getting rid of the PG ratings and more. You can check out his full interview at this link.

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