Booker T Rips Matt Riddle: “This Guy Needs A Lot Of Work”

Booker T has sent a message to Matt Riddle.

Booker T Matt Riddle
Booker T comments on Matt Riddle's progress in NXT

Booker T appears to have taken some offense to Matt Riddle’s recent comments about Bill Goldberg. Riddle was publicly critical of Goldberg’s performance at Super ShowDown against the Undertaker. According to comments made by Booker T, however, Riddle should focus more on his own craft.

“I was listening to Matt Riddle talk about Goldberg,” Booker T said on his Reality of Wrestling show. “And I got a chance to watch Matt Riddle work. This guy needs a lot of work. You’re talking about somebody that needs to work on their craft? This Matt Riddle, he needs to work on his craft and that’s coming from Booker T.”

“I wish Matt Riddle would come down to my school and get a first-class one-on-one wrestling 101 training,” Booker continued.

Booker T Sends Message To Matt Riddle

“Before Matt Riddle starts talking about anybody, Matt Riddle needs to work on his game and he needs to work on it very, very hard and that’s coming from a Hall-of-Famer. That’s coming from one of the best in the business. Now, Matt Riddle he can say whatever he wants to say about Booker T but I’ll tell you right now, I was top five. Top five in the world, I hover somewhere in that top 5 echelon.”

“Hey Matt Riddle, work on your game kid,” Booker continued. “That’s coming from the 5-time champ.”