Brandi and Cody Rhodes Talk Chris Jericho Joining AEW

Chris Jericho AEW
Chris Jericho arrives in All Elite Wrestling (Photo: Ryan Mulligan)

AEW has arrived and it’s the biggest news story in wrestling right now. The Double or Nothing rally took place earlier today and had some interesting twists and turns. The biggest news came when former WWE Superstar Chris Jericho was named as a new signee to the company.

Jericho appeared in front of the live crowd for the rally and declared himself as the newest contracted performer in All Elite. He also stated that he “wasn’t doing this for the money.”

Cody and Brandi Rhodes are of course two of the top heads of the new venture. Both discussed the signing of Jericho and how it affects the fledging company.

“To have Chris Jericho here today, to give us what we call in the wrestling industry, ‘the rub,’ and for him to—no pun intended—go all in with All Elite Wrestling, I want that to be the news today,” Cody stated. “So, that meant we held some things back because we want to do this thing slow, we want to do it correct.”

Brandi also discussed the announcement of a TV deal, saying “[Being on TV] is always the goal for everything, As [Cody] said we are a startup and we are in some ‘baby phases’ right now. What I can say is more information on that will definitely be forthcoming sooner than later.”

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Credit to Wrestling Inc for the transcription