Brandi Rhodes Comments On AEW Viewership and Fan Support

Brandi Rhodes was recently interviewed by Jonathan Snowden of the Bleacher Report.

Brandi Rhodes
Brandi Rhodes, AEW's Chief Brand Officer

The Chief Brandi Officer of All Elite Wrestling, Brandi Rhodes, was recently interviewed by Jonathan Snowden of the Bleacher Report. Brandi discussed a wide variety of topics in the interview, including AEW’s viewership, working with non-profits such as Kulture City, and her role in with the women’s division.

Snowden asked Brandi if AEW is where they want to be in the ratings.

“I feel like I must be missing some of the media articles. I haven’t seen anything with a really dire outlook,” Brandi responded. “We’re good, we’re happy. There’s nothing for anybody to worry about. As long as you guys are happy and continuing to support us, we’re grateful.”

She was then asked how closely AEW management follows the ratings.

“We definitely pay attention to the ratings. Numbers can fluctuate, of course, for various reasons here and there. But one thing that hasn’t fluctuated is the target demographic and that has been very strong for us from day one. TNT watches all of that and pays attention to it. They’ve been pretty happy with how we’ve fared. And that’s all you can really ask for. When they’re happy, that’s a good thing.”

Snowden then asked Brandi where she hopes AEW will be at this time next year.

“We’d like to just continue to grow. We set out at rocket speed. I guess it’s a little unrealistic to think that everything will come easy. It’s just not the way of the world. But if we always continue to have forward motion, I think that we’re going to continue to be successful.”

Brandi goes into detail regarding her current storyline with Awesome Kong, her role with the women’s division and more. The full interview with Brandi Rhodes can be read here.