Brandi Rhodes Issues Apology To Excalibur

Brandi Rhodes has issued an apology to Excalibur...sort of.

Brandi Rhodes and Excalibur

Brandi Rhodes has issued a formal apology to Excalibur for her comments at commentary on Dynamite this week. Rhodes mispronounced Excalibur’s name several times while on commentary during the women’s championship match. She then referred to him by a different name again during her formal apology to him.

Brandi’s “apology” is below:

Excalibur replied, implying that an email from the AEW Human Resources department may have led to Brandi’s apology.

Brandi then issued the following response:

Brandi also commented on the segment she was on commentary for gaining viewers in the ratings.

Brandi Rhodes Returns To The University Of Miami

Rhodes was recently featured in an article from the Miami Herald as Dynamite will emanate from the campus this week. She has a Master’s Degree from the University of Miami to go along with her degree in journalism from the University of Michigan.

Rhodes also spoke to the Bleacher Report recently about her on-air relationship with Awesome Kong.

“I have to give a lot of credit to Awesome Kong because she came to me wanting something specific for herself and that’s always a great thing, a great sign from a talent when they come in and say, ‘Hey, this is my vision, this is what I see. Can you help me create this?’” Rhodes said in the interview. “Because nobody’s going to be able to create their own vision better than they do themselves.”

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