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Brandi Rhodes Not On Jericho Cruise Due To Stolen Passport

Brandi Rhodes is not on the Jericho cruise.

Brandi Rhodes, AEW's Chief Brand Officer

Brandi Rhodes is not on the Jericho cruise due to not having a passport. She Tweeted recently that she would not be on the cruise due to her passport having been stolen. Rhodes has since deleted the original Tweet, however.

“I hope this doesn’t disappoint anyone, as I was having to leave early to deliver the keynote at NATPE next week (which I am insanely excited for!) but I will not be on the cruise at all this year. My passport was stolen this evening and I cannot attend. Be safe and have fun,” Rhodes Tweeted.

Rhodes would continue to Tweet that she was not scheduled to be on the cruise the entire time.

Rhodes also posted a screenshot of some people on Twitter responding to her predicament.

Brandi Rhodes’s On Awesome Kong’s Character In AEW

Rhodes recently spoke to the Bleacher Report about her on-screen relationship with Awesome Kong.

“I have to give a lot of credit to Awesome Kong because she came to me wanting something specific for herself and that’s always a great thing, a great sign from a talent when they come in and say, ‘Hey, this is my vision, this is what I see. Can you help me create this?’” Rhodes explained. “Because nobody’s going to be able to create their own vision better than they do themselves.”


  1. What I read was “Sorry folks, this week’s Dynamite won’t be marred by yet another abysmal Nightmare Collective segment.”

  2. She just doesn’t want to go, which is fine as she’s got another booking to prepare for and was never booked in the first place.


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