Braun Strowman Reveals The Origin Of His WWE Ring Name

Braun Strowman

WWE Superstar Braun Strowman was recently interviewd by WTMJ-TV Milwaukee to promote last night’s episode of Monday Night RAW. During the interview “The Moster Among Men” was asked about the origin of his in-ring name “Braun Strowman.”

The former Wyatt Family member’s real name is Adam Joseph Scherr and he is a former strongmen competitor. Strowman revealed that his ring name comes from Major League Baseball’s Milwaukee Brewers star Ryan Braun:

“Funny story, I wanted to meet Ryan Braun because that’s a big influence of where ‘Braun’ came from. I had pitched a bunch of ideas for names with the company and they turned them all down. It kind of got down to a time crunch, we need to figure out something out now.

“We were sitting around the [WWE] Performance Center and Sportscenter was on and they were talking about Ryan Braun and I was like ‘Braun, that sounds pretty good.’ I mean look at me, I’m 6’8 and 385 lbs., I mean Braun is pretty fitting.”

H/T Wrestling Inc. for the transcriptions