Bray Wyatt To Reveal Mystery From 2015 Next Week, Gives Clues

Bray Wyatt has given away clues to the hidden meaning in his promos from 2015.

Bray Wyatt
Bray Wyatt's Firefly Fun House

Last week, Bray Wyatt announced through his social media channels that there was a hidden meaning placed in 8 of his promos from 2015. Intrigued fans will have until next Monday to solve the riddle.

As of yet, nobody has discovered the hidden message but Wyatt says several have come close. He sent the following out to Twitter last night:

Wyatt followed that up with the first clue:

He then gave away some details regarding the structure of the hidden message:

Wyatt’s 3rd clue is a little vague:

So far, those are the only clues Wyatt has posted. He then turned his attention to the recently deceased Rambling Rabbit:

Bray Wyatt’s FireFly Fun House

Last night another episode of the FireFly Fun House aired. During the episode, Mercy the Buzzard is discovered to have been feasting on Ramblin Rabbit. Wyatt then told Mercy he can be forgiven just like Wyatt was. This revelation then led to Wyatt and his friends taking part in a “picnic” with several unenthused kids.

The latest episode of Bray Wyatt’s FireFly Fun House can be viewed in the player below: