Bray Wyatt Wants Luke Harper On FireFly Fun House

Bray Wyatt says he's working on getting Luke Harper as a guest on the FireFly Fun House.

Bray Wyatt Luke Harper

Bray Wyatt recently said on Twitter he is working on getting former Wyatt Family member Luke Harper as a guest on his new show. Wyatt is now the host of the FireFly Fun House. Videos featuring Wyatt’s PeeWee Herman style children’s show have been airing on RAW and Smackdown in recent weeks.

A fan on Twitter expressed that Luke Harper might make a great guest on the FireFly Fun House and Wyatt agreed.

Luke Harper Has His WWE Release Request Denied

Luke Harper publicly requested his release from WWE last month. According to a recent report, Vince McMahon denied his request in writing. Harper apparently asked for his release after WWE creative neglected to place him on either brand during the Superstar Shakeup and Vince McMahon expressed he doesn’t “get him”.

Bray Wyatt Forgives Randy Orton

Wyatt also made public comments recently forgiving Randy Orton.

Orton defeated Wyatt for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 33. Wyatt and Orton would meet again the next month in a House of Horrors match as well. Prior to that, Orton and Wyatt held the Smackdown tag team championships together.

The director of the FireFly Fun House vignettes, Jason Baker, recently praised Wyatt’s commitment to the character:

“I’ve had the opportunity of working on films with Russell Crowe, Tom Cruise, Will Smith and a bunch of other people working here in the Pittsburgh film industry and his mindset for his character development is on par with those guys,” Baker said.

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