Dragon Gate USA & EVOLVE Announce They Are Merging

Dragon Gate & EVOLVE Merging

Dragon Gate USA and EVOLVE sent out the following announcement that the two companies are merging:

Dragon Gate USA and EVOLVE have unified. We have some of the details and ramifications in this press release.

Here’s some of the details of the DGUSA/EVOLVE union:

DGUSA and EVOLVE now exist in the same universe. This means that they will share the same roster and stables.

Live events and iPPVs will still be promoted under DGUSA and EVOLVE banners. EVOLVE events will be important single shots that bridge the gap between four or five major
DGUSA weekends in 2012. The happenings and results of DGUSA and EVOLVE events will have an affect on each other.

The DGUSA Champion and DGUSA Tag Team Champions will be acknowledged as the top title holders in EVOLVE. There will be possible title defenses in EVOLVE depending on the champions’ availability. There is a possibility of an EVOLVE Title in 2012, which would also be defended in DGUSA.

EVOLVE will still be based on win/loss records and its leader board. You can follow these in the About EVOLVE section at DGUSA.tv. However, there will be some changes made in the structure of these as well as the rules and regulations. We’ll have more info next week at DGUSA.tv. EVOLVE will still maintain its unique identity and presentation.
DGUSA and EVOLVE DVDs and merchandise can now both be purchased together in the www.DGUSA.tv Store or by calling 267-519-9744.

DGUSA.tv will be your one stop for all your DGUSA and EVOLVE news and info. DGUSA and EVOLVE will share the Live Event, News & Articles, Roster, iPPV, Report Piracy and Contact sections of DGUSA.tv. EVOLVE news will now appear here in News Alerts.

The Email News Express and WWNLive.com Email Magazine will both be the places for exclusive news, deals, articles and interviews about both DGUSA and EVOLVE. All this will be delivered right to your inbox. We will protect your email and we won’t spam you.

There are now infinite possibilities with the DGUSA and EVOLVE union. We feel this will make the brands easier and more rewarding to follow. We’ll have much more next week at DGUSA.tv.