Scott Steiner Possibly Leaving TNA Soon – Full Details

Source: PWTorch Newsletter

Scott Steiner has been telling friends for a couple of months now that he doesn’t expect to stick around TNA much longer. Steiner is very tight with Jeff Jarrett, and people within the company assume he won’t stick around long if he’s under the impression there‘s no chance of Jeff coming back.

Those close to the situation say that Steiner, now 47, was already financially prepared to retire when he turned 40 years old. Friends say that Steiner still has the desire to perform despite the everyday pain he endures, stemming from years of injuries.

In January of this year, a report was published with the following quote from a fellow wrestler: “If Scott has a decent, hard match where he takes five or ten bumps, he is feeling much more pain than the average beat up wrestler [and he feels it for up to] 24 hours after the match. […] His back is so bad, watching him go through a 12 step process to sit in a car seat is excruciating.”

While in the late-90’s and early-2000’s he developed one of the worst backstage reputations in the business, TNA sources say Steiner has been a pleasure to work with. Even during his short WWE run prior to joining TNA, sources say he kept to himself and didn’t cause any trouble like he did in WCW. His most publicized incidents in WCW include a backstage fight with DDP, threatening the lives of Terry Taylor and Ric Flair (separately), and racing the n.W.o. Hummer vehicle — causing thousands in damage– immediately after they told him not to drive it over 60 miles per hour. Steiner often went without any disciplinary action, because if WCW pressed charges it would violate his probation and they would lose one of their top draws, and if they fined or suspended him it would violate his WCW contract — which actually prohibited any fines or suspensions.