Bret Hart Continues To Rant About Triple H (Video)

Arda Ocal spoke with former WWE Superstar Bret “Hitman” Hart after his recent comments about Triple H being an overrated, mediocre wrestler.

“There’s nothing to read between the lines. Take what I said and that’s my opinion. It’s not really fair to take it and make too much of an issue,” Hart said. “I only worked with Triple H from about 1992/3 to ’97. I haven’t worked with him since then. It’s not really fair for me to assess his abilities over the last ten years. But, my knowledge of him is – I still say he’s a decent wrestler. I wouldn’t put him in the top 1,000 great wrestlers.”

“To me, he was a very mediocre wrestler and I never saw him contribute an idea in my life. Whereas, I can look at different wrestlers and say, ‘They contributed ideas and made suggestions that were valid and helpful to constructing a decent match.’ But, I never saw any genius coming out of Triple H, nor in his matches.”

Regarding Triple H’s Hell in a Cell match against The Undertaker at last year’s WrestleMania, he said, “I look at the match he had last year with Undertaker, like I said in that interview I was quoted as saying, ‘I give it a four out of ten.’ I think that was generous. It was a four out of ten. But, you have to understand Undertaker was hurt and there were circumstances that maybe I’m not privy to. So, I wouldn’t make too much of it; it’s just an opinion.

“But, the question was sort of, ‘Do I think that Triple H can carry the torch for the company and be the genius that Vince was?’ And, maybe he can, maybe he can’t. Let’s hope he can. But, if he can’t, it won’t be that big of a surprise to me because I never saw any great genius come out of him all the years I knew him.”

Asked if he knows if Triple H is aware of his comments and if their relationship will suffer because of what he’s said, Hart replied, “We don’t have that much of a relationship.”

He continued, “It doesn’t matter to me – he can speak his mind about me and I can speak my mind about him. I can speak my mind about Shawn Michaels or Triple H. I think what people expect from me and they always get from me is the truth. At least my honest opinion. Too bad for someone who takes exception to that.”

Also in the interview:

– Bret comments on his appearance at the Montreal Screwjob panel at the Royal Rumble and if he’s sick of telling that story. “Sometimes in talking about it you get a new perspective on it.”

– He says it doesn’t bother him that Shawn doesn’t really remember the incident. “It doesn’t surprise me. Shawn had his problems back then.”

– Having high praise for Alberto Del Rio and accepting his new nickname the “Canadian Del Rio”

Here’s the interview: