Brodie Lee Is Ready For Jon Moxley: “I’m Not Afraid Of Violence” (Exclusive)

Brodie Lee vs. Jon Moxley
Brodie Lee vs. Jon Moxley: AEW Double or Nothing

Brodie Lee challenges Jon Moxley for the AEW World Championship this Saturday night at AEW Double or Nothing.

Just days before the biggest match of his career, The Exalted One spoke with SEScoops about how he’s preparing for the bout.

“It’s a lot of cardio right now,” he began. “Having not been in the ring for the better part of a year almost, I think I had 7 matches last year in WWE and maybe 3 at the end of the year and then 0. I’ve had 1 match over 3 minutes this year. So, it’s a lot of cardio, a lot of preparing myself for a long battle.”

“I know exactly what Jon Moxley is going to bring. He’s very violent, he likes to punch you in the face right away. So I think that’ll snap me out of any kind of slumber I might be in real quick. And I know he’s going to bring a level of violence that I have to be prepared for and I am prepared for that because I’m not afraid of violence.”

He then revealed that his wife is concerned about what will transpire at Double or Nothing.

“Before I left the house on Tuesday, my wife told me ‘you and Jon Moxley scare me.’ I think she knows and hopefully the fans know that when we link it up it’s going to be something, I guess, terrible, is a good description.”

There’s no doubt that Jon Moxley will bring the violence. However, Brodie Lee feels he has the advantage when it comes to size, agility and instability.

“I know I have the size advantage, I maybe have the agility advantage,” he continued. “He probably thinks he’s a little more violent than me but there’s definitely something wrong up here [in his head].”

Thanks to Brodie Lee for chatting with us. You can check out our full interview below.

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