Brooke & Bully’s Marital Status, Why Taz Joined Aces & Eights, Impact Opening

– Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan are married according to TNA storylines, despite the fact that they were never pronounced husband and wife to the attack by Aces & Eights. There was reportedly a lot of internal confusion in TNA as to whether they were married in TNA storylines, with even Hulk Hogan tweeting after the wedding that even though he got beat down by Aces & Eights, “Taz screwed everyone, the one good thing was the wedding came to an immediate halt, thank God. HH.”

– The reason TNA announcer Taz turned heel and joined Aces & Eights is because the company wanted a surprise person to break up the Brooke Hogan wedding and they wanted the faction to have a strong talker on their side. The downside of Taz working as a heel with Aces & Eights is that the neck injury which ended his career also prevents him from doing anything physical in TNA.

– Here is the opening for tonight’s Impact Wrestling:

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(Partial Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)