Brooklyn 99 Actress Calls Out Lana on Instagram

WWE Superstar Lana has been making some headlines recently. The on screen Russian star has recently stated that she is “salty” about Ronda Rousey, started a Twitter feud with Aleister Black and stated that she will be facing Asuka at WrestleMania.

Earlier this week, Lana was in Los Angeles take part in two photoshoots. One of these shoots included taking a few shots in the middle of heavy traffic. Lana’s most recent IG Story showed “The Ravishing Russian” posing for the shots.

Incidentally, one of the drivers who was queueing in the traffic is actually a big television star in her own right. Stephanie Beatriz, who plays Rosa Diaz on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, stated that she was not happy with being an unintended part of the WWE Superstar’s photoshoot. Beatriz recently posted an IG Story showing video of Lana’s shoot. The caption on the video read “Like. I just want to drive and not be in your photo shoot.”

You can check out the video via the tweet below. Quite hilariously Lana appears to smile at Beatriz’s camera after getting the shot. Maybe there’s a chance that Lana thought was a fan?

Do you think that Lana and Rusev are trying to get out of their WWE contracts? Let us know in the comments

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