Bruce Prichard On If The Rock Was WWE’s Answer To Goldberg

Bruce Prichard
Bruce Prichard

At the same time when Goldberg was rising as the top star of WCW in 1998, WWE made it clear that they were building the Rock as one of the company’s faces by putting the WWE Championship on him during the Survivor Series PPV.

The Great One’s push led him to defend the coveted title in the main event of WrestleMania XV and people saw him as the company’s answer to Goldberg.

However, during the latest episode of his Something Else To Wrestle podcast, Bruce Prichard, who was one of the key WWE writers at the time, opposed these beliefs.

He was talking about how the company was confident in building around the Rock and his rival at the time Stone Cold Steve Austin. When asked about this notion, he claimed that it’s “Quite the contrary”.

Prichard explained that both the Rock and Steve Austin were over and implied that WWE chose to commit to their younger talents, opposed to their rivals who chose to bet their money on aging superstars.

Aparrt from this, Bruce Prichard also talked about The Hollywood Star’s rise to the top in the company saying that he had proven to be reliable and that’s why they were willing to take a chance on him.