Bruce Prichard Reportedly Returning To WWE Creative Team

Bruce Prichard has been hired back by the WWE

Bruce Prichard

Bruce Prichard is slated to make his return to the WWE as an employee while working on the creative team for the company.

On Saturday afternoon, reported that Prichard is returning full-time to the company to work in a top position on the creative team. His start date will be at Monday’s Raw TV event in Atlanta, GA.

It was noted in the report that his position in the company is being “as important as possible” in creative and he will be one of the top point people in the creative team going forward.

Although he’s best known on camera as Brother Love, his work behind the scenes has earned him the great reputation that he has due to him directly working with WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon as one of his top lieutenants. According to the report, his new role is going to be very similar to his former position in that he will be working directly with McMahon on all things creative.

He worked for the company for decades before departing from the company in 2008.

Once WWE brought back Prichard as Brother Love for an appearance on RAW 25, which was an anniversary show that took place in January 2018, it led to a reunion with Prichard and the company that he worked for over the span of two decades.

Last year, WWE made a deal with Prichard and Thompson to bring a video version of their podcast that would air on their streaming service, WWE Network, for several episodes. Since then, fans have wondered about a potential second season of “Something Else To Wrestle With” and when it could air.