Buddy Murphy Believes 205 Live Saved His WWE Career

Buddy Murphy

It’s natural for the new year to cause a person to reflect on their past 365 days. Social media tends to be littered with these kinds of retrospective thoughts, mixed with an eye towards the future.

205 Live superstar, and current Cruiserweight champion, Buddy Murphy, did exactly that.

Taking to his Twitter account, Murphy looked back on his personal journey for 2018 and expressed that if it wasn’t for 205 Live, he probably would have been wished the best in his future endeavors by WWE.


“As everyone expresses their feelings on 2018 I thought I would do the same. I’m a realistic man & my 2018 probably would have been/should of been my release if it wasn’t for a opportunity in 205 Live.

I gave myself the nickname of the “Best Kept Secret” so I could die on my own sword. Which came with a lot of pressure as if I didn’t deliver then I’m just another guy who says he’s the “Best” – I took my opportunity I’m 205Live & ran with it!

Every time I perform I leave it all out in the ring! I’m lucky to have some of the best athletes in the world on the 205 Live roster that make it very easy for me to want to go “Kill it” every night! 2018 closes – 2019 begins!


Do you think there is truth to this? Would he have been let go, if not for 205 Live?