Bullet Club Elite Member Claims To Have Signed With NXT (It’s Only Masa)

Masa In NXT
Masa In NXT

As we approach arguably the most important period of free agency in wrestling since the Monday Night Wars, one free agent claims to have signed with NXT.

On the latest episode of Being the Elite, the faction reiterated they would stay together in 2019. One member then spoke up and claimed he was heading to NXT, however. That man was “Fat-A$$ Masa”.

This is just part of Being the Elite, however. Masa hasn’t actually signed with NXT.

Where Will The Elite Sign?

Between now and 2019, there will be much speculation about where the group could land. On the surface, there are actually only a few available options for them. Let us review:

  • WWE/NXT – likely to be the largest offered contract but comes with little creative freedom. They would be able to join back up with Masa, however.
  • ROH/NJPW – Arguably the front-runner to end up with the team once again is a combination of ROH and NJPW.
  • Impact Wrestling – This group has more money than what is being let on. Whether they see bringing in all 5 guys on monster contracts as a good investment for them at this point in their development is another story, however. In all likelihood, Impact would be better off partnering with other groups such as MLW and Lucha Underground to put in a joint offer to the group. Impact also has deals with promotions in Australia, Europe, Canada, and Mexico where the Elite could also wrestle from time to time.
  • ROH/NJPW and Impact/MLW/Lucha Underground – There is a chance that every non-WWE territory who wants the faction will team up to offer them a deal to prevent them from going to WWE or any other non-talent-sharing territory.

Other international territories could be in play as well.