Bullet Club Member Set To Return

It has been over a year since this wrestler has stepped foot in a ring and many felt it would never happen again. He was never the most popular member of the faction in NJPW but despite this, Bone Soldier is set to return shortly.

Who is Mitsuhide Hirasawa aka Captain New Japan aka Bone Soldier?

Mitsuhide Hirasawa returned from excursion in Puerto Rico in 2011. Under the name Hideo Saito he would join CHAOS that year. After a 1-8 performance in the G1 tournament, however, the rest of the faction kicked him out. He would return dressed up as Captain New Japan and even had a shield similar to Captain America.

In 2016, Captain New Japan joined Yoshi-Tatsu’s “Hunter Club” of wrestlers who targetted Bullet Club. Again, Captain New Japan ended up being kicked out of this club due to poor performance. In response to being kicked out of the group, Captain New Japan turned on Tatsu and joined Bullet Club as “Bone Soldier”.

In the 2016 World Tag League, Bone Soldier teamed with Bad Luck Fale and the pair lost every match. Omega then called Bone Soldier an “intergalactic disaster” and he was seemingly gone from both Bullet Club and NJPW. Now it appears, after over a year away from the promotion, Bone Soldier is returning.