Bullet Club Recruiting Katsuya Kitamura

Katsuya Kitamura to Bullet Club?
Katsuya Kitamura to Bullet Club?

Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa have asked Bullet Club supporters to weigh in on the possible recruitment of Katsuya Kitamura.

The NJPW young lion has been with the company since 2015 but hasn’t wrestled since February. He is believed to have suffered a concussion at the New Beginning in Hiroshima but details of his injury are hard to come by. There has been speculation Kitamura may have to retire due to his injuries.

Katsuya Kitamura To Bullet Club?

The 32-year-old Kitamura was a highly accomplished amateur wrestler before joining the NJPW dojo. A 3x national champion, his amateur career ended after a failed drug test in 2011. His subsequent suspension likely cost him a spot on the 2012 Japanese Olympic team. Kitamura said he took the substances by accident when they were in some over-the-counter supplements he purchased. He started training with NJPW in 2015.

Kitamura often teamed with Tomoyuki Oka, sometimes under the team name “Monster Rage.” Oka is currently on an excursion with Revolution Po under the name Great O’Kharn.

Tama Tonga On The Elite No Longer Being Bullet Club

Tama Tonga’s Firing Squad wished the Elite good luck in their future endeavors at the G1 Special In San Fransico. Members of the Elite confirmed they are no longer Bullet Club on Chris Jericho’s Rock N Rager at Sea this weekend.