Bullet Club Throw Joey Ryan A Funeral, Other “Being The Elite” Developments

In the Being the Elite universe, Joey Ryan is presumed dead. That Ryan has been wrestling regularly on the independent scene is not referenced on the show. The characters on Being the Elite believe Joey Ryan is missing and presumed dead, however. Stephen Amell had been considered a suspect.

Marty Scurll and Hangman Page ran into Joey Ryan’s hot-wife, Laura James, to start off the episode. James noted that Page looks an awful lot like Amell. Scurll and James then talked about how they would beat up Joey’s killer if he was there. This caused Page to storm off from the scene.

James then told Scurll that she is unable to make her late husband’s funeral and Scurll commented on how poorly Ryan’s funeral is going to draw.

Later in the show, it was revealed that actor, Stephen Amell, had been let out of prison due to insufficient evidence.

Matt Jackson confronted Page about having killed Ryan and Page responded by strangling him and storming off. Jackson then told his brother he believes Page is responsible for Ryan’s disappearance.

During the funeral, Flip Gordon noted that since Ryan was presumed dead there is an open spot on All-In.

Hangman Page showed up to the funeral at the very end despite Matt Jackson not inviting him. He said Joey Ryan taught him to never give up and to never quit. Page continued to say he believes Ryan would be proud that he became a famous dick-wrestler just like him. As Page is in the hallway collecting himself a mysterious voice tells him “I know you didn’t kill Joey Ryan, because I did.”

Other Developments Stemming From the Show

  • The Bucks released their Funko Pops at Hot Topic. They showed footage of them taking their kids to Hot Topic and buying some.
  • Matt Jackson also has a kids book coming out soon about anti-bullying. Pre-orders are available at Tasselson.com.
  • Most of the scenes were filmed while ROH was in Baltimore for Best in the World.
  • The members of SCU offered the Bucks and Flip Gordon some “gimmicks” from a pill bottle. This caused Scurll to pause the live action and give a Zack Morris-style narration promo. After un-freezing, the Bucks and Flip said they didn’t want any because they are drug-free. They would later show up to Joey Ryan’s funeral but only because Joey was from Southern California. It was the worst funeral they had ever been to.
  • Cody came out after this and confronted the Bucks about their attitudes leading into his second match with Kenny Omega. He said he’s aware the Bucks meant to kick him in the face at SuperCard of Honor.