Bully Ray Highlights WWE’s PG-Hypocrisy

Bully Ray has highlighted WWE's PG-hypocrisy in a Tweet targeting this week's edition of Firefly Funhouse.

Bully Ray
Bully Ray

The latest Firefly Funhouse segment with Bray Wyatt that aired on Monday Night RAW has caused a stir, it seems.

The segment itself featured Bray Wyatt turning against his stuffed animal friend, Ramblin’ Rabbit. He ended up smashing Rabbit into a pulp with an oversized hammer. Once done, he tentatively tasted Rabbit’s blood, enjoyed it, and ultimately bottled it for sale.

Bully Ray shared his thoughts on the segment via Twitter, highlighting WWE’s PG-hypocrisy, writing ““ps…We cant use the name “Bully” but smashing a rabbits brains out with a Sledge-O-Matic is totally cool.”

He accompanied the tweet with several ‘laughing with tears’ emojis. The tweet ends with the hashtag “#BeA” and a star emoji—an obvious reference to WWE’s previous work with Be A Star.

Be A Star

Before leaving WWE, Bully Ray pitched the idea rebranding himself once more as the Bully character. This would have introduced a different side to him to a fanbase that may not have been familiar with the gimmick outside of TNA.

The fact that the character featured the name “Bully” was enough for WWE to nix the concept.

He would eventually get the opportunity to bring the character back in Ring Of Honor, where he has feuded with Flip Gordon and LifeBlood.

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