Bully Ray: WWE Nixed My Bully Character Due To “Be-A-Star” Partnership

Bully Ray
Bully Ray

Bully Ray recently spoke with reporters about his latest stint with the WWE. He revealed that his updated “Bully Ray” character almost debuted for the company, but WWE’s anti-bullying charity work prevented it from happening. Instead the company stuck with his “Bubba Ray Dudley” character. He told ESPN.com,

“We were one day away from becoming Bully Ray in WWE.  One of the problems with having Bully Ray in the WWE was the word bully.

How could they have a guy named Bully when they had the ‘Be a STAR’ program? It was a little too risky for them.”

Bully Ray in Ring of Honor

After their latest contract with WWE ran out, D-Von stayed on with the company as an agent, and Bully Ray signed with Ring of Honor.

Since debuting in the company, Bully Ray has teamed up with ROH originals the Briscoe Brothers. The trio recently captured the company’s 6-man tag team championships.

“Ring of Honor reached out to me I think the day after I left WWE,” He continued. “They were actually interested in bringing in both me and D-Von into Ring of Honor, which would’ve been insane. D-Von had made a life decision where he wanted to devote a little more time to his family and physically in the ring wanted to slow it down just a little bit. I still have gas in the tank. I think Ring of Honor was the perfect place for me to continue as Bully Ray.”

The full interview can be read here.