Bully Ray Says He Can Relate With Jon Moxley’s Frustrations

Bully Ray says he can relate with Jon Moxley's frustrations with WWE Creative.

Bully Ray Jon Moxley

Bully Ray says he can relate with the frustrations Jon Moxley recently expressed on the Talk is Jericho podcast. Moxley spoke at length regarding his discontent with WWE’s creative system and today Bully Ray said on Busted Open Radio that he can relate.

“I understand where he comes from,” Bully said on the show. “Everything that Dean says I can relate to.”

Bully then talked about moments in his career when he was frustrated with WWE creative.

“There were things that went on, and I don’t want to make this about me but you asked,” he continued. “There were things that went on in my career there with D-Von where we would show up and basically we were like ‘are you out of your mind?’ You’re serious? You really want us to do this?'”

Bully Ray on Frustrations With WWE Creative

Bully continued to say he lobbied against him and D-Von being split up.

“When Vince decided to split me and D-Von up, we told him ‘it’s not going to work’,” Bully said. “Low and behold, it did not work.”

“Everything (Moxley) is saying about being handed wonky lines or being put in scenarios that are – where you’re just trying to tread water – completely relate to everything,” Bully continued. “And you know what? If Tommy Dreamer was on, he could relate to it.”

Bully would then continue to say that Busted Open’s Mark Henry would likely be able to relate with it more than anyone.

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