Bully Ray Talks 6-Sided Ring, Fans Bashing TNA, Team 3D In The TNA Hall Of Fame

Busted Open Satellite Radio Show with Bully Ray
Host: Dave Lagreca, Doug Mortman, and Mike Riker

Being inducted into the TNA Hall Of Fame: “First and foremost it’s cool to be inducted into any Hall Of Fame, whether it’s TNA or any other wrestling federation. The response we got in Dallas was really cool. Those people were really happy to see me and Devon back together again and it was the longest and loudest ‘We want tables’ chants I ever heard. When you have a cool moment like that, you need to stop and smell the roses for a minute, then move on.”

His friendship and partnership with D-Von: “Me and D-Von have had a great partnership and friendship for close to 15 years. In 15 years, how many fights or arguments do you think D-Von have I have been in? One. That’s what makes D-Von and I so special. We balance each other out whether it’s in the ring or out of the ring. Team 3D/Dudleys would never have worked with 2 Buh Buhs or 2 D-vons. Booker T gave us a great compliment and said he wished he could get along with his brother as well as me and D-Von get along. That’s what kept us together. I was very happy to see D-Von back in the ring both personally and professionally. I think D-Von is worth a lot to the TNA roster whether he wants to wrestle again or not. I really don’t know if he wants to wrestle again or not. I think he’s really content on running our school in Florida, the Team 3D Academy. It was a great moment and I was really happy for him.”

How He & Devon Lasted So Long As A Team: “If you ask most people, they would say that I’m the hot head and D-Von is the easy going guy. That’s personally. In business, it’s more like I’m Gene Simmons and he’s Paul Stanley. Both playing equal parts, but Gene a little more vocal. In real life though, D-Von would kick your ass faster than I would. We’ve always been friends. That’s what made us successful. We know the history of tag team wrestlers. A lot of them didn’t like each other personally and always had a problem sharing the spotlight. We were never like that. We always knew that we were worth more together than by ourselves.”

Tommy Dreamer’s Feud With Dixie Carter: “It’s no secret that Dreamer and I are best friends in the wrestling business. He will always be my best friend. He booked HOH 4 and 5 in Poughkeepsie and Philly. He wanted D-Von and I to be in the main event of both shows. He was already advertising us, it was a big deal that D-Von and I were gonna be back together. It was all over Twitter and social media and the very night before I get a phone call from a representative of TNA telling me that I have been pulled from both shows and I am now being sent to California to go to the Spike TV Guys Choice Awards. Now a couple of people are gonna say that I’m a bitch and should have just gone to the event. Contractually I can’t because they would have sued me for every dollar I’m worth because my first obligation is TNA contractually, so I have to do what they tell me to do in that way. It wasn’t like they were pulling me off those shows and I was just gonna sit home, which they could not do. They pulled me off to do an obligation for them, and she knew exactly what she was doing. She was gonna screw me over, screw Dreamer over and screw every fan over. Tommy Dreamer would never deliberately screw his fans over. House Of Hardcore has something special and unique going on and he isn’t going to advertise me on his show for two months knowing I was gonna get pulled. That’s really F’ing the people over, and she is responsible for screwing everyone over.”

If The Dreamer-Dixie Carter Social Media Feud Is A Work: “Just because it plays out on TV doesn’t mean it’s a ‘work’. Dreamer stood the most to lose from this, and he did, and he and I are doing everything we can to make it right for the fans. We’ve told people to hang on to their HOH tickets and if they come to the shows in Bethlehem or New York, I’m gonna stay after these shows and I’m gonna meet every fan that comes. I don’t care how long I have to stay. They will get any photos, autographs, meet and greets. I’m gonna do the right thing because she screwed them over. I know you guys look at things where everything is part of the show. This goes a lot farther. There are a couple things I can’t even talk about because I know the ramifications. The bottom line is this was a scumbag move on her part, and she knew what she was doing.”

Losing to EC3: “Listen, say what you want about the kid. He is doing a pretty damn good job. Plenty of room for improvement, but he is lightyears ahead of where I was when I was his age. He’s got the look. He’s getting better on the mic, his physicality, he was able to hang at Slammiversary. You love him, you hate him, from a business standpoint he is an upcoming rising star.”

His Love Life: “My love life is flourishing. Velvety smooth. It’s all good. I’m currently working on a post-show Bully Ray fan appreciation party that I am throwing myself. It’s not sponsored by TNA, it’s all me. I don’t know whether it’s going to be Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, but I’m working on a party I want to throw for the wrestling fans just to show them that I appreciate their support over the years. I don’t know any other wrestler who threw a party for fans, and everything is going to be on me.”

TNA Possibly Bringing Back The 6-Sided Ring: “I sent out a tweet an hour ago asking the fans what they want to see. 33 Retweets for the 4 side, 262 favorites for the 6 sided, so it looks like the fans that follow me want to see that 6 sided ring back. I think that’s one of the cool things about TNA how they will listen to fans opinions. I don’t know if it’s going to be set in stone, but I do know that TNA looks for fans opinions. I’m more of a traditionalist with the 4 sided ring, it’s just my opinion. If they brought back the 6 sided ring, I would fully embrace it and continue to do what I do. I know some guys that said it was a little more challenging to perform in the 6 sided ring and that it was more difficult to come off the top rope and how the ropes are tighter, so they bruise your body a lot more.”

Fans Bashing TNA & The Future Of The Wrestling Business: “It’s ok if people are opinionated, but at the end of the day we only have two major companies, we have Ring Of Honor and House of Hardcore on the horizon. We need to band together. There’s very little wrestling left. We need to come together and be very positive about the wrestling business because there might not be a business in the future for all of us. TNA is still a relatively young company. The WWE wasn’t a huge company in the first 12 years of business when Vince Sr started it. TNA still has some growing pains and trying to get over the hurdles that many other companies had and we need to find the right mix of people on the team. From a locker room point of view I think we’re there. I think we have the best performers out there. We just need to fire on all cylinders and if Slammiversary is any indication on where this company can go, I think there’s a bright future for us.”