Bully Ray Comments On Marty Scurll’s New Position With ROH Creative

Bully Ray says it's great that ROH kept Marty Scrull as a talent, but would not have given him creative control

Marty Scurll and Bully Ray
Marty Scurll and Bully Ray

Wrestling legend and Busted Open Radio co-host Bully Ray recently commented on Marty Scurll signing a new deal with Ring of Honor that will see him join the company’s creative team in a leading role.

Marty Scurll’s future was a hot topic of conversation for the past several months. Some hoped he would stay with Ring of Honor, while others expected he would jump to All Elite Wrestling (AEW) or even WWE/NXT.

He wound up staying for big money and a role as one of ROH’s head bookers. Bully Ray thinks it was a big score to keep Scurll, but he would not have given him so much power behind the scenes.

Bully Ray on Marty Scurll’s New ROH Deal

“I’m happy for Ring of Honor that Marty staying I think it’s a good move for both,” Bully began. “Marty is without a doubt one of those guys, he’s become a massive star in Ring of Honor. Even going beyond ROH, doing some stuff with the NWA.

Bully Ray then also commented on how he felt Scurll was always the the biggest star in the Bullet Club faction.

“I’ve always said that Marty was the biggest star in the Bullet Club while the BC was part of ROH. Because his stock went up more than anybody else’s. His merchandise, which through the roof, and he actually did the same numbers if not better numbers across the board with like meet and greets and merchandise as as Cody and the [Young] Bucks. So Marty is definitely the babyface of the company.”

“Marty Scurll being a top guy in the company has to worry about the stuff that he’s doing.”

Bully was quick to mention that he does have reservations with a top star in the company having so much control behind the scenes.

“As far as being the booker is concerned; being a booker is a very very difficult job. Even on its own, because you’re worrying about creative or the directions of the matches of an entire company. Marty being a top guy in the company has to worry about the stuff that he’s doing, and now has to be patient and a good listener to all of the other talent in the company.”

“It’s always good to have different ideas”

He elaborated further, saying “If he is the head booker all the talent is going to want to talk to you about their push, about their characters, about their matches. So when Marty is at TV he has to make them see himself available to them. Just like Hunter did as the head of of ROH’s creative (Hunter Johnson, also known as Delirious). Hunter is still a part of the process so Marty and Hunter will be working together. But if the final decision goes to Marty that’s okay, because he has a different opinion, he might have a different look at the company. It’s always good to have different ideas but he’s going to have to make himself available to everybody.”

“I would have made Marty Scurll my ROH Champion”

Ray also outright stated that he would not have given the ‘pencil’ to Marty if he had the choice. “If it was up to me, I would not have made him head booker. I would have made him a part of the creative process with Hunter working side by side. I would have made Marty Scurll my ROH Champion.”

Bully also pointed out that he is definitely not involved in the official creative process. “I’m not a booker at ROH, I’m not the match maker at ROH. I’m a veteran who helps people when they ask for it behind the scenes.”