Bully Ray: WWE Will Never Let Anybody Get To John Cena’s Level

WWE has changed a lot with time and gone through different eras where we got to see a top superstar reigning over the company for a period of time. Legends like Steve Austin, The Rock, John Cena were the best of the best in the company during their prime. However, today, even though we have a lot of great talented stars on the roster, there really is no one on Cena’s or Rock’s magnitude.

WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray Dudley talked about why he thinks WWE will never let any other superstar in the future get as big as John Cena. Appearing on the Jim Ross Report, Bully Ray explained how when a superstar gets too popular, the company and Vince McMahon loses control over them. Such stars can decline to work a certain match or event, and the company will have to abide by their decisions. This is why, according to Bully Ray, WWE doesn’t want to make stars as significant and iconic as John Cena.

“Okay, so those three guys in their own way do what they wanted to do without Vince’s approval. Listen, Steve was able to walk out and still come back and have a job. [Ross] helped out a lot, but not a lot of people walk out and come back in the next day,” said Dudley. “Rocky was able to walk away and become the biggest star in Hollywood. And John, my God! He just won the Muhammad Ali Award. He [has] granted more wishes than anybody on the planet. I mean, he walks on water when it comes to the WWE. And he was able to tell Vince, ‘I’m not [going to Saudi Arabia].’ I don’t think they’re ever going to let anybody get to that level again where they have control or say.”

Cena has the ability to decline, without any consequences, an appearance for an event that was important for the company. WWE doesn’t want stars that can have this amount of leverage on the company. But Dudley says that McMahon prefers if the talent uses their leverage when they have the chance.

“I learned a very important lesson from Vince McMahon one day, JR, that he taught me one-on-one,” hee said. “I don’t remember the arena we were in, but we were in a hallway and he said, ‘Bubba, it’s very rare that the boys have leverage on me, but when they do have leverage on me and they don’t use it, shame on them.’ What a lesson to learn from Vince McMahon and I apply that lesson to what’s going on in the WWE today. They’re creating their stars, they’re letting their stars get as big as they possibly want them to be, but then there’s a ceiling. And I think Roman [Reigns] is at the top of that ceiling. I think Ronda [Rousey] is at the top of that ceiling. I think Charlotte is at the top of that ceiling. I’m not sure who will ever get passed that.”

H/T to WrestlingINC for transcript.