Carmella Says She Is Not a Homewrecker in Response to Corey Graves Rumors

Former Smackdown women’s champion Carmella responds to rumors about a relationship with Corey Graves while plugging the drama playing out this season on ‘Total Divas’

Carmella is not a homewrecker.

That’s the message from the former Smackdown women’s champion as she addressed rumors that she started dating WWE commentator Corey Graves while he was still married to the wife of his children.

Earlier this year, Graves’ wife Amy unleashed an explosive post (that was later deleted) on her Instagram where she accused him of cheating on her with Carmella.

Graves later addressed the situation by revealing that he’s going through a divorce with his estranged wife and that message was sent out during a particularly messy time when the two of them were not in a good place.

Now Carmella is responding during a recent appearance on ‘The Bellas Podcast’ where she spoke to retired WWE superstars Nikki and Brie Bella.

“Let me just first and foremost say I would never wreck somebody’s home. That is not the life that I’m about,” Carmella stated. “I would never in a million years do that. I don’t care how hot the guy is, how in love I think I am, that is not the life I’m about.

“So I’m going to kill that rumor right now. That absolutely did not happen, I did not wreck a home.”

Based on Graves’ previous statement about his divorce, it would appear that a potential relationship with Carmella sprung up in the aftermath of his marriage ending.

Still, Carmella promises that there is more to this story than what has been exposed publicly because apparently all of the drama will unfold during the new season of ‘Total Divas’ on the E! network.

“I will say there’s always so many sides to each story so if you do want to know the truth about this story, you guys already mentioned I will be on ‘Total Divas’ this season, so the whole story plays out on ‘Total Divas’,” Carmella said. “So if you do want to know, you’ve got to tune in.”

Carmella had previously appeared on a past season of ‘Total Divas’ and then did not return to the show. Now she is back as one of the regular cast members for the next season of ‘Total Divas’, which will debut on E! later this year.

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