Cesaro Reveals Advice He Received From John Cena

Cesaro recently shared the advice that he received from John Cena, adding that they are words he still lives by.


WWE Superstar Cesaro has divulged the advice he received from John Cena. Speaking with Sportskeeda, “The Swiss Superman” addressed sharing the ring with Cena and how he feels being considered by fans as one of the best in-ring workers. He noted that the advice given are words he still tries to adhere by with every match.

“I’m very honored. I don’t take it lightly, as some people might just be like, ‘Ah yeah, I’m awesome and everybody likes me!’ Something that John Cena always said: you’re only as good as your last match. And I believe that.”

He continued, “Every match I try to do as good as possible with whatever I’m given because technically you never know when your last match is. I’d hate to be like, ‘I don’t feel like it tonight,’ and then something terrible happens.”

“I feel like to the fans, no matter where you come to see a show, if you’re part of an eight-man or if you’re in a singles match, it doesn’t matter. You just put on the best show so they’ll remember it, and I don’t take that pressure lightly.”

Cesaro recently stated his dedication to a singles run, potentially nixing a potential reunion of The Bar. He has also expressed his desire to succeed on RAW and SmackDown rather than return to WWE’s black-and-gold brand, NXT.