Charlotte Flair Reveals Both Of Her Implants Ruptured

Charlotte Flair has revealed she’s currently out of action due to rupturing both her breast implants. The 5-time WWE Women’s Champion appeared on the Conversations With Maria Menounos SiriusXM radio show on Monday and provided intimate details about the injury.

Charlotte says when she began wrestling, her saline implants ruptured during during a match. When she woke up the following morning, they were gone. She later had them ‘redone.’ A few months ago, she began experiencing pain behind her shoulder blade.

She spoke to her trainer about the injury and tried to relieve the pain through exercises, but the discomfort persisted. Upon visiting a doctor and undergoing a mammogram and ultrasound, Charlotte’s doctor found that she had free floating silicone in her chest due to the ruptured implants.

At the time, Charlotte had several big things on her schedule, including WrestleMania 34 and her photo shoot for ESPN’s Body issue She kept the situation hidden until recently, when she went under the knife once again to get the situation resolved around 4 weeks ago.

Charlotte said she is medically cleared to get back in the ring on July 31st. She joked that she does not consider this to be a “legitimate” injury and can’t believe she’s missing ring time due to her enhancements.

You can listen to a clip from Charlotte’s conversation with Maria Menounos here: