Chris Adonis Explains Why IMPACT Wrestling Doesn’t Have Consistency

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Former WWE and IMPACT Wrestling star Chris Adonis (a.k.a. Chris Masters) was interviewed by Channel Guide Magazine just a day before announcing his departure from IMPACT. Adonis discussed how IMPACT lacks consistency after the company’s crazy year that included several changes:

“It has been a crazy year with all the changes in the company and guys and guys out. … There just needs to be some consistency. Consistency went out the window in the last year, but you couldn’t help that with all the changes. You just have to get some consistency going, which I think they are in route to doing. The sky is the limit. … I’ve only just met Don [Callis] and conversing over the past couple of days, but I have heard good things about him.

“It seems like he has a bigger pulse on professional wrestling, which is good. He knows the trends of what’s going in and out and how to maybe adapt to the new environment we live in with technology and how the world is evolving in general. Scott D’Amore brings a lot of experience and a good figure to help head it up at the helm. Sonjay [Dutt] is here too. Time will tell, but it seems they have the right players here in place to capitalize on the talent involved.”

Adonis also discussed what it was like to work with Eli Drake, who he didn’t have too good of a first impression about, but later came to realize he’s actually a ‘good dude’:

“I just never knew before I came to Impact Wrestling about Eli Drake that well. I didn’t really have an impression of him. Then after I got to work with him, I began to realize who he was. First, I thought he was an ass—-. I didn’t know him that well, but saw the way he carried himself. But I came to find out he is a good dude. He worked really hard. I didn’t really know how hard until I’ve been around him.

“It gives me faith that when you work hard and come into your own that the opportunities can be there for you. Fast forward to now, up until recently, he was the World Champion. You could have never convinced me of all that until I was around him and saw the work ethic and how much he pays attention to details.”

He also said that he didn’t want to be Drake’s ‘sidepiece’ and wanted to eventually evolve into something that benefited both he and Drake:

“I don’t always want to be Eli Drake’s sidepiece. I went into this with an understanding of that, and hopefully, it can evolve into something that will benefit both of us.”

You can read Adonis’ full interview with Channel Guide Magazine by clicking this link here.