Chris Jericho Claims He’s Banned From WWE After Joining AEW

Chris Jericho
Chris Jericho

Over the years we have seen numerous superstars getting banned from WWE with the company prohibiting any mention of them on their programming and removing things related to them from their various content platforms.

And if we believe the former World Champion and AEW Star Chris Jericho then he is the latest star to join this list, because of his signing with the new promotion.

Jericho recently had an interview with Jim Norton and Sam Roberts on Sirius XM where he discussed things like the problem with WWE Hall Of Fame speeches and more.

When asked if he has talked to Vince McMahon since his deal with AEW, Y2J revealed that he has talked to the Boss a couple of times but claimed that he is the public enemy number one in WWE now.

Expanding on his comments Jericho said that he has kind of been removed from the annals history and revealed that he recently offered for a couple of WWE Superstars to appear on his podcast to promote WrestleMania but was turned down.

The given reason for it was the fact that he is a contracted AEW talent now and he was told that it would not be appropriate for WWE Stars to appear on his show.

Though later Chris acknowledged that he has not been disgraced by the company since all his stuff is still on the WWE Network, although he did mention that a couple of UpUpDownDown videos featuring him have been removed.

Since Chris Jericho is one of AEW’s top selling points at the moment, it’s understandable that the Officials see him as a competition.

However, whether or not these moves from the company are ethically rigorous is still a topic of discussion. Let us know your thoughts on it in the comment section below.