Chris Jericho Discusses Recent Meeting With Impact Officials

Chris Jericho Impact Wrestling Management

We noted before how Chris Jericho continued playing with the idea of his future by recently posting a picture of himself alongside some officials from Impact Wrestling.

During his recent interview with Drew Dalby, Y2J discussed the current wrestling demographic in detail and while doing so, he also briefly mentioned his meeting with Impact Employees.

Jericho was discussing his future in wrestling. He revealed that he has one more NJPW match left but apart from that and a couple of movie shoots; his schedule for the next 3-4 months is pretty open.

When Delby brought up all the options Chris has in front of him, the former World Champion claimed that nothing is set in stone. While talking about his recent picture, Chris Jericho admitted that he recently met with Impact Officials.

He claimed that he had a great conversation with them ‘the other day’ in Toronto and said that there are some great matches he could have in Impact Wrestling.

Though this is all the Fozzy Star revealed and he then went on to discuss the other options he has in front of him like the matches he wants to have in NJPW and maybe a WWE return as well.

Knowing Jericho he would never admit even if the meeting was about his Impact debut. Though with him being involved with the upcoming AEW promotion, it doesn’t look very likely that he is thinking of having a run with the company.

You can check out Chris’ full interview in the video below: