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Jim Ross & Chris Jericho Working With Billionaire To Launch New Wrestling Promotion (Exclusive)

The groundwork is being laid for a new wrestling promotion. It involves some of the top players in the industry and financial backing from a billionaire family already involved in professional sports.

Jim Ross and Chris Jericho have been working with renowned agent Barry Bloom in putting the pieces together. JR’s contract with WWE expires shortly and he has declined an offer to renew. He has been sending out feelers to select WWE performers, while Jericho has been handling the New Japan side. Bloom was recently in Japan taking meetings related to this deal.

The project is being financed by the Khan family. Shahid Khan, the patriarch, is one of the wealthiest men on the world (and a colorful personality). He owns the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars and Fulham F.C. of the English Premier League. Shahid’s son, Tony, is a big wrestling fan and has been hands-on with getting this off the ground. He follows a few wrestlers on Twitter, including Cody Rhodes, Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks and Marty Scurll.

Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks are on board, as are Hangman Page and a few others. Kenny Omega’s status is unclear. For what it’s worth, Bill Goldberg is a client of Barry Bloom, along with JR and Jericho. When The Elite has talked about sticking together next year, this is what they’ve been alluding to. Jim Ross has been coy about this on his podcast, vaguely teasing something big on the horizon without showing his cards.

With the A-level talent they are getting commitments from, the group will burn through a ton of cash quickly. They are moving forward with the understanding that significant losses are expected for the first couple years.

Talks are underway with AXS to secure a TV deal. AXS TV executive Adam Swift is fast-tracking this. (Update: A rep from AXS TV has denied this report.) AXS currently airs New Japan Pro Wrestling and recently announced Jeanie Buss’ Women of Wrestling premieres in January. Sinclair Broadcasting, which provided logistical support for All In and has been acting in good faith, has been in the dark about this story.

The timeline for this going live is 12-16 months from now (late 2019 / early 2020).

We’ve reached out to the involved parties for comment and will update this article if necessary.


  1. Last time a sports mogul tried to throw their name into wrestling hat, it didn’t work out as planned. Hopefully Khan family can make a race out of it since the Wilpon family failed at their attempt, some years back.

  2. “Sinclair Broadcasting, which provided logistical support for All In and has been acting in good faith, has been in the dark about this story.”…….yeah, probably until now

  3. Unlike WCW, you have 2 of the greatest minds in the history of pro-wrestling on board- Jericho and JR. I hope it succeeds- that would force WWE to change their product.

  4. They’re doing things right, if this is all legit. Getting the right people involved and going from there. JR and Y2J are 2 of the best minds in the business to help get this off the ground. Thankfully Jericho’s last run was good so if he’s the “face” of the company as it kicks off, that should only help them. Jericho is also well respected and trusted amongst his colleagues and if he’s vouching for this, anything could happen.

    I think they would be best off buying out a smaller company rather than starting from complete scratch, even if they have the funds to do so. You get more than just the name and talent if you buy a company. There are a number of front office people, a ring, and a rapport with fans and wrestlers alike. They don’t need to take on the branding, just a large roster and fanbase that isn’t WWE. Buying ROH and rebranding would be the absolute best case scenario but it’s unlikely.

  5. Perfect timing. If these early reports are true than things may be looking pretty interesting.

    Jericho and JR have great minds for the business and with The Elite potentially on board this could be awesome.

    At this point who cares about a competitor, we just need a great alternative.

    Fox securing SD help make wrestling seem vaulable again, other networks may take notice.

  6. Khan has been losing money with the Jaguars despite now finally having a good team. His son wants to burn money by creating a promotion and hiring all that talent? Man, I wish I had money like that to flush down the toilet.

  7. But why would you flush it down the toilet? At least they are wasting it on creating a doomed wrestling company. You flush all of that down the toilet you’d end up having to pay a plumber to fix your pipes, a lawsuit from your landlord and all kinds of stuff. Bad idea. I’d burn it instead, kinda like the Joker in the Dark Knight. That I can get behind, you big, silly goose.

  8. I, personally, like the New Japan way of doing things. I like the guys calling out other guys instead of beat downs and mid-match interference angles. I like the tournaments to name #1 contenders that take place annually. Overall, it’s a way better product than the WWF/E and it’s the best wrestling out there. ROH comes in second followed by Lucha Underground as both are entertaining shows but sometimes has a bit too much of the interference angles. TNA would rank fourth on my list and Championship Wrestling from Hollywood ranks fifth. (These are the shows I can watch on my TV.) With so much variety, and crossovers at time, it’s been great to be a wrestling fan again. The only gripe I’d have is when CWFH was promoting a match on Saturday afternoon that actually took place the previous week (regarding a match that took place in ROH’s PPV, I do believe). A little late to air that announcement!

  9. I like Corgan and want him to succeed but his NWA dreams seem like a fanboy with too much time and money rather than a serious attempt at making it a legit national attraction. NWA never had that good of a name before, it was used as a stepping stone by WCW and TNA when those companies were getting off the ground, as well as ECW, but it’s been a punchline for too long to be a serious contender.

  10. Jericho and AXS both deny this is happening. Does anyone have a single shred of proof? Have any of the wrestlers who allegedly have been contacted said anything? Has the Khan family?

    Maybe this is true, but I seriously doubt it.

  11. There are two key components missing for this promotion to be a true success!

    Vince Russo Bro!
    And your first World Champion…Hulk Hogan BRRRROTHER!!!

  12. If this rumor is indeed true, and they are smart, learning from lessons of other failed promotions then I think they could go extremely far with a financial backing like that only dumb decisions would hender them. With JR and Jericho though I could see a slew of talent chomping at the bit from all the other major/minor companies to get the chance to do something different.

  13. “We… will update this article if necessary”

    That is necessary. A very bold claim to not have any updates on 2 weeks later.


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