Chris Jericho On The Money He Made From Greatest Royal Rumble Appearance

Chris Jericho
Chris Jericho

It’s no secret that WWE received a large sum for hosting the Greatest Royal Rumble event in Saudi Arabia and according to reports the company paid a good bonus to everybody involved in the show.

And from the sound of it, it appears that the former World Champion Chris Jericho also made a good amount of money for his short appearance during the event.

Jericho was recently interviewed by, where he talked about his highly praised match with Kenny Omega, juggling between his wrestling and music gigs and more.

While talking about the Greatest Royal Rumble, the former Champion hinted that he was paid a good amount for his appearance during the 50-Men Battle Royal:

“It was a long trip for a short period of time – I think I was in the Rumble match for four minutes or something like that. I know they must have been paid a whole lot of money, just by proxy of what I was paid ha ha. I was like ‘oh my gosh, really, you’re going to pay me that to do this? How much are you guys making? “

Chris Jericho entered the Greatest Royal Rumble as the 50th entrance of the bout and he eliminated Shelton Benjamin before being eliminated by the eventual winner Braun Strowman.

Though his appearance on the event was not free from controversy as he was first added in the Casket Match against the Undertaker on the show but was later removed from the bout.

The reason for his removal given to Jericho was that a Saudi Prince had asked for Rusev to be added back into the bout but these reports are not very believable.